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Vehicle radiation monitors are intended for detection of unauthorized transportation of nuclear materials and radioactive substances in motor and railway transport by registration of penetrating gamma and/or neutron radiation conducting radioactive transformations of nuclear materials and radioactive substances. The principle of vehicle monitors operation is based on d etection of gamma and neutron radiation background at the moment of a vehicle passage, on comparison of the received values with the values measured in absence of vehicles in controlled space of the monitor and on giving an alarm signal in case of positive excess of the first ones above the second. Vehicle radiation monitors are not measuring devices and do not require periodic tests of their characteristics, but they are indicators of Nuclear materials (NM) or Radioactive materials (RM) presence in a vehicle passing through the monitor controllable space.

The basic technical characteristics of vehicle radiation monitors are:

  • sizes of controllable space;
  • separate registrability of gamma and neutron radiation;
  • detection threshold or the minimal activity of NM or RM;
  • probability of false alarms.

FSUE "SEC "YAFI" offers various modifications of the transport radiation monitors, allowing to optimize the expenses at designing the systems of the radiation control of object. Thus at the centers for enrichment of plutonium, it is expedient to install gamma-neutron radiation monitors (KSAR1U.041, KSAR1U.041-03, KSAR1U.041-05), whereas on the manufactures of uranium and the products made of it, it is reasonable to use the radiation monitors which register only gamma radiation (KSAR1U.041-01, KSAR1U.041-02, KSAR1U.041-04), as neutrons radiation from metal 235U and 238U is neglible little. The control of automobile motor transport and minibuses is effective enough to use the radiation monitors at the height of controllable space up to 2.1 m (KSAR1U.041-03, KSAR1U.041-04), whereas the control of railway or truck transport is realized with the use of monitors at height 3.8 m (KSAR1U.041, KSAR1U.041-01, KSAR1U.041-02, KSAR1U.041-05).

Vehicle radiation monitors of KSAR1U.041 set "RUBEZH" are safe in operation (sanitary-and-epidemiologic conclusion of Sanepidnadzor), satisfy the requirements of Russian (GOST 51635-2000, the certificate of Gosstandart) and American (ASTM, certificate of Los Alamos National Laboratory) standards.

Transport radiation monitors "RUBEZH"
   ¤ KSAR1U.041
   ¤ KSAR1U.041-01
   ¤ KSAR1U.041-02
   ¤ KSAR1U.041-03
   ¤ KSAR1U.041-04
   ¤ KSAR1U.041-05
Pedestrian radiation monitors "DOZOR"
   ¤ KSAR1U.031
   ¤ KSAR1U.031-01
   ¤ KSAR1U.031-02
Portable radiation monitors
   ¤ KSAR1U.06
   ¤ IR-560
Radiometric detection blocks
   ¤ ASRKB1U.08
   ¤ ASRKB1U.08-01
   ¤ ASRKB1U.09
   ¤ ASRKB1U.14
   ¤ ASRKB1U.14-01
Spectrometric detection blocks
Automated system of radiation control
   ¤ KSAR1U