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The model KSAR1U.031 is a base model of the pedestrian radiation monitors of "DOZOR" set ( KSAR1U.031-01, KSAR1U.031-02); it is intended for the registration of gamma-neutron radiation, consists of 2 measuring columns which form the controllable space of the monitor and is located in the way to direct people stream through the controllable space, i.e. between the measuring columns. Besides measuring columns the pedestrian monitor is provided with remote signalling indicators.

Characteristic KSAR1U.031 KSAR1U.031-01 KSAR1U.031-02
Height of controllable space, m 2.0 2.0 2.0
Number of measuring columns 2 2 1
Registration of gamma radiation Yes Yes Yes
Registration of neutrons Yes No Yes
Probability of false alarms 1:1000 1:1000 1:1000
Threshold of gamma detection
          235U metal, a sphere, gr 3 3 10
          133Ba, kBq 16 16 23
          137Cs, kBq 21 21 30
          60Co, kBq 9 9 13
Threshold of neutron detection
          252Cf, kBq 30 - 60

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