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Detection blocks of gamma radiation (DBG) ASRKB1U.09, ASRKB1U.14, ASRKB1U.14-01 are intended for transformation of gamma-radiation stream in the energy range 0.05 ÷ 3.0 eV in sequence of standard electric pulses at work in structure of the automated radiation control systems. Monoblocks

DBG can be used for carrying out the continuous control of radiation conditions inside technological zones of the nuclear-weapon / nuclear-power enterprises, storage points of radioactive substances and other premises where the works with ionizing radiation sources are kept, for radiation monitoring of environment, and also in structure of stationary radiation monitors-detectors of fissionable and radioactive materials..

Characteristic ASRKB1U.09 ASRKB1U.14 ASRKB1U.14-01
Power range of neutrons registration, eV 0.05 ÷ 3.0 0.05 ÷ 3.0 0.05 ÷ 3.0
Maximal entrance statistical loading, pulses/s 105 105 105
Sensibility to gamma radiation
          241Am, puls/quant·sm2 400 500 250
          133Ba, puls/quant·sm2 800 800 400
          137Cs, puls/quant·sm2 700 700 350
          60Co, puls/quant·sm2 500 450 200

The detector feeding is carried out from the external power supply +12 V/150 m.
Overall dimensions of the detector depend on the size of the operated plastic scintillator and make no more than 1350×235×100 mm.

Transport radiation monitors "RUBEZH"
   ¤ KSAR1U.041
   ¤ KSAR1U.041-01
   ¤ KSAR1U.041-02
   ¤ KSAR1U.041-03
   ¤ KSAR1U.041-04
   ¤ KSAR1U.041-05
Pedestrian radiation monitors "DOZOR"
   ¤ KSAR1U.031
   ¤ KSAR1U.031-01
   ¤ KSAR1U.031-02
Portable radiation monitors
   ¤ KSAR1U.06
   ¤ IR-560
Radiometric detection blocks
   ¤ ASRKB1U.08
   ¤ ASRKB1U.08-01
   ¤ ASRKB1U.09
   ¤ ASRKB1U.14
   ¤ ASRKB1U.14-01
Spectrometric detection blocks
Automated system of radiation control
   ¤ KSAR1U