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Specttometric detecting blocks of gamma radiation are intended for investigations aimed at finding energy distribution of gamma-rays from different ionizing radiation sources (in combination with laboratory spectrometric instruments).

SEC "YAFI" offers 3 models of gamma-detectors: └SRKB1U.09, └SRKB1U.014, └SRKB1U.014-01 and 2 models neutron radiation detectors └SRKB1U.08 and └SRKB1U.08

A low level of the detection blocks own background in a combination with a heightened sensibility to weak streams of an ionizing radiation allow to create highly effective systems of detection. The detectors keep working capacity after an influence of the limiting low temperature up to -20°C and the limiting high temperature up to +50°C. It is possible to make detectors of various dimensions.

Transport radiation monitors "RUBEZH"
   ¤ KSAR1U.041
   ¤ KSAR1U.041-01
   ¤ KSAR1U.041-02
   ¤ KSAR1U.041-03
   ¤ KSAR1U.041-04
   ¤ KSAR1U.041-05
Pedestrian radiation monitors "DOZOR"
   ¤ KSAR1U.031
   ¤ KSAR1U.031-01
   ¤ KSAR1U.031-02
Portable radiation monitors
   ¤ KSAR1U.06
   ¤ IR-560
Radiometric detection blocks
   ¤ ASRKB1U.08
   ¤ ASRKB1U.08-01
   ¤ ASRKB1U.09
   ¤ ASRKB1U.14
   ¤ ASRKB1U.14-01
Spectrometric detection blocks
Automated system of radiation control
   ¤ KSAR1U