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Information-operating system KSAR1U
The information-operating system (IOS) is an integral part of the complex of hardware-software means for the radiation control KSAR1U which is carrying out the continuous automated radiation and visual control over check points of the enterprises, establishments, customs terminals.

IOS is intended for the collection, transfer and storage of the information produced by vehicle radiation monitors KSAR1U.041 "RUBEZH" TU 6946-200-23151859-05, pedestrian monitors KSAR1U.031 "DOZOR" TU 6946-100-23151859-05 and their updatings, and also for a video information about the objects inside controllable space of the monitors having caused a signal of fissionable or radioactive materials (FRM) detection. IOS allows:

  • to carry out the continuous automatic control of the technical condition of the radiation monitors which is a part of IOS;
  • in a real-time mode to notify an IOS operator on cases of FRM detection;
  • to provide visual control over a condition of the monitor controllable space;
  • to keep the minutes on the facts of detection;

block scheme
Block diagram of IOS on transfer of the information within distances up to 500 m.

block scheme
Block diagram IOS on transfer of the information within distances up to 15 km. In addition the converters of electric signals in light ones (TX-FX) providing transfer of the information by a fiber-optical cable are included in structure.

Transport radiation monitors "RUBEZH"
   ¤ KSAR1U.041
   ¤ KSAR1U.041-01
   ¤ KSAR1U.041-02
   ¤ KSAR1U.041-03
   ¤ KSAR1U.041-04
   ¤ KSAR1U.041-05
Pedestrian radiation monitors "DOZOR"
   ¤ KSAR1U.031
   ¤ KSAR1U.031-01
   ¤ KSAR1U.031-02
Portable radiation monitors
   ¤ KSAR1U.06
   ¤ IR-560
Radiometric detection blocks
   ¤ ASRKB1U.08
   ¤ ASRKB1U.08-01
   ¤ ASRKB1U.09
   ¤ ASRKB1U.14
   ¤ ASRKB1U.14-01
Spectrometric detection blocks
Automated system of radiation control
   ¤ KSAR1U